Galician beef steak in the Northwest of Spain. Our Galician beef range comes from retired dairy cows between 8 and 15 years old. This type of ageing allows more natural grass-fed marbling of the beef so that its comparable to the marbling of genetically optimised grain-fed US, Japanese and generic Wagyu beef. These older cows are chubbier animals, have a higher percentage fat content and as such have more marbling, giving these beef steaks a distinct and unique flavour.


Originating in the Basque Country and often referred to as Txuleton or Basque Cider House Steak after a tradition of Basque farmers exchanging beef for cider at the Cider Houses. Txuleton steaks are normally served as large 35oz rib steaks. Each Galician beef steak undergoes a careful and exact preparation and cooking method, which needs to be carried out in order to obtain the best out of this incredible beef.

Galician beef is subject to availability. please call and check with the restaurant.

Book in advance - 24 hrs notice required – 30 – 45 minutes cooking time (to share between 2 people)

Please talk to a member of staff regarding allergies.  Dishes marked with (v) are suitable for vegetarians, (gf) are gluten free (vg) are vegan

10% service charge to be added on tables of 8 or more people