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Vermouths now on the menu!

4 new vermouths are now on the Pablos menu, along with a beautiful Spanish aperitif cocktail.

Zarro Rojo

Ochre colour with orange tones. On the nose, wide and intense aromas of herbs. In the mouth it is meaty and broad, with an explosion of flavours, leaving a long and persistent finish.

Zarro Blanco

Soft yellow colour, with intense and complex aromas of citrus peels, cinnamon and vanilla. In the mouth, it is round and fresh, with a long finish reminiscent of spicy notes.

Alvear Rojo Tradicional

Aromas of dried fruits such as figs and raisins intermingle with honey. The palate is decadent and smooth with a nutty aftertaste and a long, long finish.

La Cuesta Reserva

This Vermouth is very aromatic and flavorful. Roasted aromas of mountain herbs, oak and coffee stand out on the nose. The palate is bitter, with hints of ripe fruit and spices.

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